I am. I am. I am.

Anonymous asked: Who are the older men you've been kissing? I think I might be a little jealous, you're nice.


Haha, you needn’t be jealous darling, I haven’t got my eye on anyone in particular at the moment :) 

Anonymous asked: No, not the nymphet police, just wondering how jealous I need to be of these old men.


That’s fairly subjective I guess :) 

Anonymous asked: How old are you, to be a nymphet? Are you a pretty, skinny little thing? Do you wear dresses and tights?


Haha, what are you, the nymphet police? :P I don’t think the guidelines set in Lolita make much sense. I’m 16, and I wear dresses and stockings. :)

Old men are writing poems about my kiss. Am I a nymphet yet?

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